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Proof & Sons

Proof & Sons is a full-service agency for brand strategy, brand communications and product development with a focus on novel concepts for premium products of the drinks industry.
Straight-up – Let’s over-proof your communications.


Proof & Sons was launched in 2013 by Alexander Justynowicz and visiontrees founder John Benjamin Savary to make the most of their combined long-term experience in all relevant and related disciplines.

Brand Communication
Brand Communication

Brand Communication

Strategic Marketing

Our international service spectrum covers both consumer and B2B needs.

Our strong network, utmost professionalism and unconventional approach make us the perfect partner for short-term consulting as well as on-going strategic projects.


Proof & Sons GmbH & Co. KG

Münzstraße 8, 10178 Berlin, Germany

+49 30 6167 54 100

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